Zeno Nutrition Launches “Ultimate Low Net-Carb” Diabetic and Paleo-Friendly Vegan Bar

September 11 2018

Zeno Nutrition Startup by Diabetic Founders Offers Vegan Bars With 2-4 Net Carbs


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Sept. 11, 2018) --- Zeno Nutrition, a startup with offices in San Francisco and Chicago, today announced the launch of a vegan, low net-carb bar specifically made for people seeking alternatives to the high-carb, high-sugar nutritional bars saturating global markets. ZenoBar is now available on Amazon, as well as at


ZenoBar is believed to be the first energy bar specifically targeting tens of millions of people with low-glucose goals -- pre-diabetics, diabetics, and those following ketogenic diets, low-carbers, weight-watchers, and paleo adherents. ZenoBar’s two diabetic cofounders tested over 2,000 different recipes using glucose meters on themselves, with testing assistance from other diabetic and low-carbers over two years before deciding to go to market.


ZenoBar debuts in three delicious flavors -- Cocoa Hemp, Strawberry Hemp, and Almond Hemp. With a combination of organic and non-GMO ingredients, the unique, high-fiber, plant-based recipes not only help maintain stable blood sugars but also support those pursuing healthy weight targets.


“Millions of people eat foods loaded with sugars and carbs, fueling the epidemic of diabetes and obesity around the world. ZenoBar’s mission is to help spread the health benefits of a plant-based, low-carb lifestyle,” said Russell Long, a diabetic cofounder of the company in San Francisco. “A high-fiber, low net-carb diet helps keep blood sugars low, and promotes long-term health.”


Susan Papuga, the other cofounder, based in Chicago said, “We used glucose meters to test multiple versions of ZenoBar and other low-carb bars on the market.  Because of our health status, it was easy to see if certain recipes were working. The meters show that ZenoBar has the lowest glucose response of any bar we’ve found. So after 2,000 recipes over two years, we’re excited and relieved to offer a winning low-carb bar to people who will really benefit from them.”


The new ZenoBars are raw, grain-free bars created with a delightful combination of vegan proteins, carbs, fibers, and healthy fats. ZenoBar avoids GMOs, dairy, soy, whey, gluten, as well as honey, agave, dates, sucralose and other common sweeteners.



About Zeno Nutrition

Zeno Nutrition was first conceived by Russell Long, Ph.D., an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and former America’s Cup skipper, and Susan Papuga, a vegan health advocate who has worked tirelessly to create the Zeno recipes. Both have diabetes but were unable to find diabetic-friendly vegan bars that were acceptable for the needs of people with glucose challenges. In 2015, they decided to collaborate on making the ultimate low net-carb bar on the market. For more information on Zeno Nutrition, please visit and like/follow ZenoBar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. [Add hot links].




Russell Long, cofounder

(415)-302-4824 (press/influencers only)

Sue Papuga, cofounder

(847) 334-2578 (press/influencers only)







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