The Ultimate Low-Carb Bar?

August 28 2018

It’s so exciting for Sue and I to be launching our new ZenoBar brand today.

Thousands of bars are now rolling off the assembly line for wrapping and boxing, and soon after, will be delivered to our friends, families, and fans who have given us so much support throughout this long, two-and-a-half year process. 

A bit of background — after discovering that I was pre-diabetic in 2015, I met Sue, a fellow pre-diabetic, in an online vegan nutrition forum. We had similar nutritional approaches based around a high-fat, plant-based diet. After reading hundreds of studies on the subject, we agreed — a plant-based, high-fat, low-carb diet is one of the healthiest diets on the planet and probably the best for people with glucose issues like us. And the diet works for everyone — ketos, low-carbers, paleos, endurance athletes, people trying to lose weight, diabetics, and anyone else concerned with long-term health and longevity. 

Looking for healthy snacks, I realized that none of the bars on the market worked to hold down blood sugars. Even the so-called “low-glycemic bars” didn’t work (plus they tasted hideous). So, I asked Sue to join me in creating a bar that would actually work and not taste like flavored cardboard. 

ZenoBar is the outgrowth of our immense efforts. With incredibly low net-carbs, highly nutritious ingredients, and a delicious taste, we believe ZenoBars are among the healthiest bars you’ll find today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!





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