Where can I buy ZenoBars?

We currently sell through our online store and Amazon. We’re not in brick and mortar stores yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

How is ZenoBar truly different?

Zenobars are designed to avoid the spike-and-crash cycle that comes from consuming fast carbs found in typical nutrition and energy bars. They’re great for low-carbers, diabetics, paleos, performance athletes, and vegans who want the health benefits of keeping their blood sugars stable.

What are net-carbs?

Net-carbs are carbohydrates minus fiber and allulose. They’re considered the most useful way to determine the impact a food may have on insulin production. Higher net carbs mean higher levels of insulin the pancreas needs to generate to metabolize a food.

Why are low net-carbs healthy?

Low net-carbs help keep insulin levels stable throughout the day, helping to protect against metabolic fatigue. Unfortunately, most other nutrition/sports bars on the market are loaded with carbs and sugars, with honey, cane sugar, or brown rice syrup often being their first or second ingredient.

If you have low net-carbs, how do you get that lovely sweet flavor in ZenoBars?

We use allulose, a sweetener derived from non-gmo corn not easily metabolized in the body. Its chemical makeup is nearly identical to fructose and glucose (real sugar), but it has slightly different hydrogen and oxygen structures. This small difference results in a tenth of the calories of table sugar, with 70 percent of the sweetness. Allulose is also found in very small amounts in jackfruit, figs, raisins, and wheat.

How should I store ZenoBars?

Like any product with nuts or seeds, a cool place will help them to last longer and maintain freshness. Refrigeration works nicely, although it’s not necessary.

There’s a lot of fiber in ZenoBars. Should I be… um... worried?

Nutritionists say most North Americans are extremely deficient in fiber, which is needed for stimulating immunity and preventing disease. But like building muscles, it takes time to build healthy gut bacteria to handle larger amounts once you’ve been deficient for a long time. Our advice? Start with one ZenoBar a day, and your tolerance will build quickly so that you can have more without problems.

Do ZenoBars contain GMOs?

No way. GMO ingredients often have trace amounts of Monsanto’s glyphosate found in them, otherwise known as Roundup, which has been linked to 15 different diseases, including lymphoma and autism. We wouldn’t dream of using them.

Why isn’t every ingredient organic?

Some of our key ingredients, such as tapioca syrup and strawberry are organic. And hemp is naturally pest-resistant and has virtually no pesticides added. Of course, we’d love to be 100% organic, but it would raise the price of ZenoBar quite a bit!

Are ZenoBars dairy-free and gluten-free?

Yes, we’re fully vegan and gluten-free. Our production partner makes foods with gluten but sanitizes the equipment between each run.

Why do you avoid agave?

Agave has more fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. Bad news for heart disease and cancer, it’s also linked to Type-2 diabetes and obesity.

Why do you avoid sucralose?

Sucralose has been linked to leukemia, so it’s a definite no-go on our list!

Do ZenoBars contain soy?

Both of us love soy as a vegan protein source, but because of the increased allergy risk for others, we don’t use it.

Do you work with athletes, bloggers, or other influencers to promote ZenoBars?

If you love ZenoBars, we’d happy to talk about why and how we can support each other. Contact us at

Do I need to buy a whole box of 12?

We have a sample box of our three flavors for $9.50.

How can I get a discount?

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll gladly send you discount coupons when available.

Can I sell ZenoBars in my store?

We’re not set up for retail distribution yet, but if you send us an email at, we’ll let you know when we are.

Do you sell ZenoBars internationally?

We currently ship bars only to the U.S.

How much is shipping? And how long will it take to arrive?

Standard shipping charges are a flat rate of $5 for orders under $29.00 and free shipping for orders $29.00 and above. To view Priority and Expedited shipping charges proceed to checkout. Amazon fulfills all orders and delivery usually takes 2-5 days after your order is shipped.

My order had a problem, or was damaged. What should I do?

We want you to be happy, so if you received an incorrect or damaged order, just send us a photo of what you actually got and your packing slip, and we’ll replace it. You won’t need to send anything back to us.