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A West Coast environmentalist and a Midwest gardener walk into a nutrition forum…

…and no joke: they discover that both of them, despite their active, healthy lifestyles, have high blood sugar. This starts a spirited discussion about what they can and can’t eat and why, and how few options for convenient, on-the-go energy there are for people like them. Eventually, they decide to put their heads together and create a truly different, truly nourishing bar.

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Two years and nearly 2,000 (!!!) recipes later, Russell and Susan had created ZenoBar, made with perfect ingredients to deliver high-octane energy, stable blood sugars and mood, and support a healthy microbiome.

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ZenoBar Gives

Aside from a passion for nutritionally dense, great tasting, energy-giving foods, at ZenoBar we also share a proactive dedication to make the world a better place. This is why we contribute to non-profits that fight to protect our planet and our health.

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Russell Long,
Co-Founder & Chief of Intergalactic Operations

World record-holding sailor, ocean activist, holder of high standards and passionate believer in optimum performance. Straw hat optional.

Sue Papuga,
Co-Founder & Chief of Cosmic Alchemy

Official inventor of ZenoBar formulas and flavors; nature lover, life-long Midwesterner, nutrition buff.

Ahren Sims,
Tech Guru

Owner of amazing IT chops and marketing guru. Also, co-founder of Lovingkindness Vietnam, a non-profit that aids that country’s orphanages, charity schools, and poor communities.

Rowan Long,
Bar Taste Specialist

Enthusiastic judge of which flavors suck and which are awesome; collector of home-run baseballs.

Laura Papuga, International Connoisseur

Amasser of international culinary notes, global traveler, humanitarian worker for non-profits around the world.

Anna Papuga,
Photo Adventurer

Professional freelance photographer and editor, hiker of non-beaten paths, owner of the killer eye that brings ZenoBar to life.